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Original texts are translated into the requested language to the best of the translatorís knowledge and belief.

Line Length

Translated texts are charged according to the number of standard lines (52 keystrokes including spaces). The price per line depends on the language combination. A supplement of 20% is charged for translation assignments with German being neither the source nor the target language.

Basis for Calculation

Translated text; standard lines are counted electronically

Large Assignments

Ask for a free estimate.

Translating in Person

Price by arrangement


Translations at standard rates are delivered within three working days after receipt of the original text at the earliest. For urgent assignments or work to be done over the weekend/on holidays, a supplement of 50% is charged.


As requested, as a hard copy by mail or fax, on a floppy disc or via e-mail


If required, we have your translations attested by a notary and/or submit them for signature authentication to the Cantonal Chancellory. We will charge you for the respective notarial fees and our work.


Proof-reading and copy-editing of texts which were not translated or created by the LangWitch are charged by the hour.

Composing of Texts

Charged by the hour

Postage/Courier Service

Postage for express mail and courier services are charged at cost price.

Payment Conditions

Payable net after receipt of the adapted/translated text and the invoice or with your American Express Card as part of the Business Saving Partner offer