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Translating, Composing, Proof-Reading etc.

Various linguistic services are listed on the menu of the LangWitch’s kitchen.

Clear Policy on Prices

At the LangWitch’s, translation assignments are not classified according to easy, moderately difficult and specialist texts. For, who is it, in the end, to decide whether a text is rather easy or difficult to translate?

No Commissions

The LangWitch is not only your administrative manager but also your translator. Assignments for languages which are not part of the witch’s repertoire are passed on to free-lance partners as a service to customers – without any commissions.

Prompt Delivery

The LangWitch translates herself and works with flexible and reliable free-lance partners. Thus, there are no long waiting periods that could result when assignments are passed on.

Your Contact = Translator/Linguist

You can discuss your inquiries with regard to linguistic details and terminology directly with the LangWitch. An efficient and interactive co-operation between customer and translator is a guarantee for best linguistic results.

Modern Infrastructure

You may send your assignments to the LangWitch’s kitchen by e-mail, fax or regular mail. The witch’s recommendation: if possible, please send the texts to be translated by e-mail or as data files on a CD-ROM/floppy disc. The translation is directly inserted into your formatted text – without any additional cost. Thus, you can also avoid annoying typing errors in your printed matter which can occur when copying a text manually. LangWitch translations works with Microsoft Office programs.

The Language Service Close to You

Thanks to the Internet and e-mail, physical distances are not important any more. In case of need, it is, however, nice to know that your partner is close – just in case!