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LangWitch translations was established in October 1998 by the Anglicist and Romanist Daniela Arnold-Sigrist who acquired her magic skills taking her A levels (ancient Greek and Latin), followed by language studies finished with a licentiate at the University of Zurich and several stays abroad. Today, a large number of renowned companies as well as private individuals count among the guests in the witch’s kitchen. Translations of various language combinations, proof-reading and composing of texts of any kind are on the menu. Talk to us: maybe you need a linguistic specialty that is not (yet) on our menu…


Looking for a suitable name for the language service, the idea of the LangWitch was given birth to on the occasion of an extended brainstorming. As is well known, witches can fly on their broomsticks and do magic. In order to be able to carry out your orders as efficiently and quickly as possible, the LangWitch sits on her symbolic broomstick and directly aims at her goal – as the crow flies – by translating, proof-reading and composing many texts herself. Assignments for languages which are not part of her repertoire are passed on to her carefully chosen free-lance witches and magicians whom she vouches for with her name.

It is the LangWitch’s objective to carry out your orders fast, professionally and to your complete satisfaction – if necessary, with a little witchcraft!